Friendly Negev

The Friendliest Desert in the World

Only 7 of these unique geological formations are known around the world, and 5 of them are located...
Of the different parts of the Friendly Negev Desert, the Nitzana valley is probably the least known. Where...
Looking up at the night sky anywhere in the vast Makhtesh Ramon (Ramon crater), you get an unbelievable...

The Friendly Negev Desert

The name “Friendly Negev Desert” perfectly describes the Israeli desert – the friendliest desert in the world! The Negev is a small and accessible desert covering some 62% of the total land of the State of Israel, and is rich in spectacular landscapes with an abundance of majestic geological formations and pristine vistas. A visit to the Negev uncovers remains of magnificent bygone civilizations, ancient archaeological sites and remnants of centuries of unbelievably robust desert agriculture. It is the backdrop to rare encounters with Bedouin tribes, who uphold the ancient tradition of nomadic life in the deserts of the Middle East, and provides an abundance of activity for adventurers, explorers, and the seekers of tranquility.


  • Sites and trails from the Ancient Nabataean Spice Route
  • Biblical Sites and UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Roman and Byzantine History (Early Christianity)
  • Ancient Desert Wine Industry
  •  Bedouin culture and hospitality


Glamping in the desert. Photo by Daniel Bar

Desert Accommodations

  • camping under the night skies
  • glamping
  • farm stays
  • hostels and hotels
  • five-star hotels and resorts


  • Off road adventures, sandboarding, hiking and trekking, camel and horseback riding, rappelling and more

Culture and Wellness

  • Wine and Food, amazing art and music scenes, authentic Bedouin culture and hospitality

Come and enjoy the charm of the Negev and its diverse landscapes:

  • In the north of the desert you’ll find spectacular sand dunes.
  • In the center you’ll see huge craters with towering cliffs, natural springs and water holes.
  • In the east you’ll experience a taste of Africa with vast savannas dotted with exquisite acacia trees.
  • In the southern desert you’ll find red and black granite, contrasted with rich-colored sandstone outcrops.

During a relatively short three-hour trip, one can cross the entire range of Israel’s desert landscapes and enjoy a rare variety of scenery and geological wonders, which in deserts elsewhere would require a trip of hundreds or thousands of miles. This abundance of diversity allows you to experience a unique vacation in each region of the Negev.

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